tracy sage morris

Thank you for visiting A Brush with Paint and taking a look around.
Here you will find a variety of subjects including figures, animals, and nature themes. Through my art, I hope to draw awareness to the beauty of the natural world as well as its plight.
It is so easy in this fast paced, consumeristic culture to take nature for granted, or disregard it completely. The process of creating art is a reminder for me to stop racing blindly about, to take a moment to really look, and to celebrate the beauty of this world. Earth is struggling and desperately needs our attention. We all have something we can offer to help support a healthier and happier world. Whether through art, education, activism, or earth nurturing practices, it all begins with awareness and appreciation. Go hug a tree, a pup, or a person….. then paint their portrait, it’s fun!
All images are my own designs using watercolor, pastel, oil, acrylic and ink.
A portion of proceeds from sales will be donated to a variety of animal shelters and environmental advocacy groups.


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